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Chief’s Smoke Signal


     Welcome to the 2019 Laconia Youth Football and Cheer Association’s season! This is our weekly newsletter where you will find updates, schedules, and important information that will guide you through the season. This newsletter can also be found on our Laconia Chiefs’ web page. If you have any questions at any point during the season, grab a board member or coach and ask.

     Our season officially begins on 7/29 at 5:30 PM at Memorial Park. Please arrive at 5:00 PM to check in at the check in table. This is where a majority of our practices will take place. The preseason practices, that run through the first game of the season on 8/25 will be Monday through Thursday, 5:30 – 8, with a rain date of Fridays in case of inclement weather. Please be advised that football practices are cancelled ONLY in the event of thunder and lightning. However, the Parks and Recreation Department may see fit to close a field due to heavy rains. If you have not heard whether a practice is cancelled or not, assume that it has NOT been cancelled and come to practice.

     On the first day of practice we will need from you the 3 following items: Better if uploaded to the website.

  1. A copy of your child’s LAST report card that shows the grades for all 4 quarters
  2. A doctor’s note, dated AFTER the 1st of this year (2019) that allows your child to participate in athletics.
  3. $25.00 Registration fee if not already paid.

If we do not have these items your child CANNOT begin practice and is now behind everyone who can.

As the season begins, please remember the chain of command when addressing issues or concerns: Team Parent, Coach, Football Director, Vice President, President, and Board Meeting. 

We are a volunteer run organization. Consider getting involved! See Walter or Ellen for details as to what you can to.

Included is a handout on hydration. Please read it to ensure that your child is properly hydrated at all times.

Please be advised of our concussion protocol on the back. Safety must be our first concern. If your child complains to a coach about a head injury (not that his head hurts because his helmet is too tight) the concussion protocol WILL be followed, no exceptions:

We are looking forward to a great season!!!

 Dates to Remember

              7/29 – 8/1: First week of practice. 5:30 – 8 @ Memorial Park 

              7/29 – Arrive at 5:00 PM

              8/2 – Practice Rain date

              8/12 (Week of) – First Flag Football Practice.

              8/25 – First game: Location and times TBD


Remember: Good People First, Good Players Second