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Chief’s Smoke Signal

       It has finally arrived!!! Opening weekend and we will be home. Both teams will be squaring off against Derry. The 9U’s kickoff at 11 am and the 10U’s at 1 pm. I’m sure the coaches will want the kids there 1 hour prior to kickoff in the RED game jerseys. Please be advised that we will be hosting a 13U game between Hudson and Man. South at 9 am so there will be people already There when you arrive. Good luck Chiefs!!

     Before we get to the first game we will be having our annual step up day and pictures on Saturday the 25th. The picture schedule is as follows:

                           9 AM – 9U football

                           9:25 AM – 10U football

                           9:50 AM – Tiny Mite Cheer

                          10:10 AM – Div. 10 Cheer

                          10:30 AM – Div. 12 Cheer

                          10:50 AM – Div. 14 Cheer

All pictures will be taken on the field. In case of inclement weather we will be in the gym but it is supposed to be nice out. After pictures the high school team will come to the field and assist our players in putting their decals on the helmets.

     Also occurring Saturday will be calendar money turn in. Remember: we need $100 turned in by your child for their calendars. If we do not get $100 turned in they will not be allowed to participate on Sunday.

     Make sure you are going to our web page and checking out our BRAND NEW On-line store. This is by far the best selection of clothing and apparel we have ever had!! So get on there and start sporting your new Chiefs’ gear.

     In order to plan ahead for the 10U’s you will be having your annual scrimmage against Gilford on Thursday the 30th from 6-8 at the High School. Plan accordingly. There is a rumor out there that this is open house for some elementary schools. Not sure if that is true or not but what I do know is that our 10U team is all 5th graders so they have been at whatever elementary school that they are at for the last 5 years. There is nothing to see that they haven’t seen the last 4 years, so make sure you are at the scrimmage.

      Injury Protocol (whether on the practice or game field): All coaches have been trained in what to do in case of injury. Allow them to handle the situation. If the coaches feel that a potential injury is beyond what they can assess and attempt to fix they will call you (the parent) to come onto the field. At this time you will be the authority on what happens next and the coach will be there to assist you. The exception to this would be a neck or spine injury. If you child claims that their next or spine is injured we will immediately call 911. We will not attempt to do anything more than immobilize the injured child without a medical professional on the field in these cases.

     Practice schedules change next week. We will go to Tuesday and Thursday practices from 5:30 – 7:30 and Saturday mornings time to be determined by your coaches. Tuesday and Thursday practices will remain at Memorial Park while Saturday practices will be at the high school. Check with your coaches to see if they plan on practicing Saturday of Labor Day weekend.




Dates to Remember:


                          8/25 – Picture day followed by Step up day with the high school

                          8/26 – First games: 9U v. Derry @ 11 am, 10U v. Derry @ 1 pm

                          8/28 – Practice 5:30 – 7:30 at Memorial park

                          8/30 – Practice 5:30 – 7:30 at Memorial park for the 9U’s

                                    Scrimmage 6-8 at LHS for the 10U’s (practice pants and game

                                     jerseys to be worn)

                         8/31 – LHS home opener v. Hillsboro/Deering 7 pm @ LHS


                              ***NO GAMES OVER LABOR DAY WEEKEND***


Remember: Good People First, Good Players Second